Your iPhone security toolbox

Device Security

Are you using all the security features?

iVerify monitors your device security, notifies you when an issue is detected, and provides actionable steps to take to mitigate any risks.

iVerify is updated frequently to represent the current threat landscape by the security experts at Trail of Bits. We stay on top of it so you don’t have to.

Secure your digital life

Your mobile phone is your root of trust, secure it.

iVerify checks your configuration settings, patch level, and other areas to determine if your iPhone is the most secure it can be.

Secure your accounts, not just your device

A security-checkup for your online accounts

iVerify provides guides on how to secure your online accounts with Google, Facebook, Apple, etc. We’ll show you how to lock them down and how to verify they’re locked down.

Threat Detection

Actionable advice when a threat is detected

You’re not alone when a threat is detected. When a new threat is detected, iVerify will notify you and provide actionable advice.

Download iVerify

Available on the iOS App Store

iVerify is available on the iOS App Store for a one-time $2.99 charge.

Download iVerify

Integrate iVerify into your apps

License the detection SDK

The technology that drives iVerify is available for license through our Detection SDK. Integrate iVerify’s checks into your own applications. Contact iverify@trailofbits.com for more details.